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We provide you with the opportunity to explore our farm and facilities, walking through our olive garden, wine yard and variety of aromatic herbs. We end up facing a 9th century church that will let you outspeached gazing it's glory . Stepping at the front side of this monument , we can leave ourselves and spirit dive into history and tradition .Next milestone at our tour is an almost 100year old Cycladic establishment housing our winery which is the ideal place to get familiar with the procedure of wine making using modern methods and knowledge of generations past. Also the equipment and machinery necessary for the production of a tasteful and flourish wine. Climaxing 5 premium types of wine ( white , rose, red dry semi sweet and our pride natural sweet red and white wine from sundried grapes ) accompanied with local snacks of our biological garden such as regional cheeses tomatoes ,olives and more , are there to take by the hand and travel you to a happy place . Furthermore a video of the backstage of production to each wine and a conversation will enlight you of everything, from farm to your glass and there for to your memory of this day for ever more....

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